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Jewelry production requires great precision and is extremely demanding. If you want to have perfectly crafted jewelry, take a look at what Jewelry Manufacturer in Thailand can offer you.

We have been producing jewelry for over 40 years. Each of our pieces of jewelry goes through certain processes. Each process is done with great care and is done exclusively by professionals.

The basic starting point is jewelry design. Our designers can design by hand, but more and more computerized design is used by our expert team. After designing, 3D design follows. It is recommended in the jewelry making industry because it gives perfect precision. Model making is the next step in jewelry production. Model making can also be done by hand, which requires a lot of skill and knowledge, and we can also do it by computer using CAM machines, which are very good for rapid prototyping.

Jewelry Manufacturer In Thailand

In order to start producing jewelry, it is necessary to make a rubber mold, followed by casting. Modern machines are used for the casting process. Depending on the metal being cast, we use centrifugal casting machines or gravity casting machines. Trained craftsmen ensure the high quality of casting, so that the jewelry has a perfect texture. After this process we check that the jewelry is correct to guarantee the quality.

If there are parts that have to be soldered, for that we employ exceptional craftsmen who have the knowledge and talent that allows them to make a perfect joint, which even an experienced jeweler’s eye will hardly notice. You can find out about all other stages of jewelry making at Jewelry Manufacturer in Thailand.

If you want to sell quality jewelry, just one click on Jewelry Manufacturer in Thailand is enough. We can provide you with the production of exceptional Jewelry and we guarantee every piece we produce.